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Our Library aims to provide a complete range of Services to support and enhance students learning. It has thousands of volumes of books, Videos, Journals and data bases. We also have access to thousands of books and journals in Electronic format on the web, which can be accesed both on and off campus and you can study at your convenient time.

Class Room:

GSFT is Equipped with class rooms which are specially designed to have all latest technologies. It includes high spec computer stations, power points for laptops and Air conditions. We believe you will not only Enjoy studying in a professional Environment but also in a relaxed learning environment.

IT Lab:

GSFT Provides a wide range of IT Services to the learners like on-line learning, Software tools, use of Internet etc. Our computing facilities and high speed internet access complement your studies and allow you to carry your course work at your pace. High specification computer terminals distributed over class rooms and library with high quality printing machines. A Separate web – based Student Portal through which you can review your student record details like Attendance, Academic results, Library details etc.,.

Language Lab:

All sort of Language learning support and advice is provided for learning languages like French / German / Japanese etc. Our Language Learning resources includes a broad range of Audio, Video and other extensive materials.

Global School of Foreign Trade Campus